#CloseupCampusTour: Volta Region’s Lycon Set To Blow Your Mind

Where are our follow Voltarians…

We wanna talk about a young man who has great talent.

His name is Lycon…

…and this is him.

Wanna know how we discovered Lycon?

Let’s tell you how…

Lycon featured on the Closeup Campus Tour, when the tour moved to the Ho Technical University.

He was able to #BreakTheBarrier from underground status and he’s now one of the best performers in the Volta Region.

Not only did Closeup introduce him to a competitive stage, but Closeup helped coach the young musician as well.

He will be representing the Ho Technical University and the Volta Region as a whole next Friday at the National Theater.

Will Lycon be named winner after the finals?

Join us on Friday at the National Theatre, as we #BreakTheBarrier


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