You Were Once A Culprit : Check Out The Types Of Level 100s In UG.

This thing doesn’t need any formula, cause we already know! For a long time, we have watched as each academic year approached with the same species of level 100s.  So here is a list of the type of level 100’s you’d definitely have on campus:

The Already We Know’s: These are usually the people who have relatives on campus. Or they have fed themselves with current information about Legon from social media. They come to the school looking like they have it all figured out.

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Like you cannot show me nothing. From the way they walk around campus, to the clothes they wear. They prolly know more about the school than you the continuing student saf.

Ready To Marry: This one only the girls can relate cause boys dier all you need is a rice cooker lol. These people come with every single thing they need, down to the last pin. Like Miss Independent, they are ready for marriage. They don’t want any roommate wahala. If you take their thing and you don’t return it too, case. The issue is worse when you misplace it. Then it’s like they want to tell you

“My mother will beat me, so buy my thing for me”.

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This Cap must fit me too:

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As for this squad, they are the people who don’t have any correct information about the school YET THEY WON’T ADMIT IT. All they have is what they heard. They are desperately trying to fit in. In their dressing, their character and mannerism, they try to portray what they think is cool and trendy. Like  “Yeah me too Idey”, but nothing give them.

Pre-valedictorian Squad:

If they are not dressed in executive wear, then they are raising their hands to be course rep or ask a question on the first day of class.

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It’s like as soon as they gained admission, their entire plan was to come and take over the school. They are involved in everything some. From politics, sports to entertainment. They spend most of their time in the tv room or library. They enter with plennnttyyy big books.

Like ei, when did you come???

Image result for confused gif

They must chop post else something will do them. You can also call them by their middle name, Busy For Nothing.

Last but certainly not least is the

Wherever The Wind Takes Me people: As for these people, they are lost and they admit that they are lost. From day one of registration, it is written all over their faces until the ending of the semester.

Image result for lost gif

They just go when everyone else is going and stop when everyone stops. Theirs is to wake up, go to lectures and come back. No bend, no curve for the first semester, otherwise they would get missing lol.

We hope you have already identified which class you belong. Regardless, they are coming and your roommate could be any one of these lol. Good luck Kuulpeep!

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