#TidalRave: Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Raver You Are.

Which of these Tidal Rave moods describes you?

Which of these beverages would you want for free at Tidal Rave?

Which of these artistes are you anxious to see?

Which part of Tidal Rave do you enjoy the most?

Which of these would you rather wear to Tidal Rave?

The Ticket Winner

Post a screenshot of your score on Twitter and tag Kuulpeeps to stand a chance of winning a ticket.
The Gamer

Make sure you don't miss any of the games at Tidal Rave.
The Boozers

Drink your head out at Tidal Rave, but please drink responsibly.
The Geng

Make sure you enjoy everything proper! Convoy, party, drinks, everything!

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