CCTU: Having Difficulties Calculating Your GPA? Here Is What You Need To Know

Kuulpeeps! We know y’all will be wondering what this GPA thing is and how to calculate it.

As far as KuulpeepsCCTU is around, you’re sorted.

At the end of each semester, students will be graded based on their class assessment record and their examination results in their individual courses they took.

The first term you should get used to is the Cumulative Credits Taken (CCT).  This is basically the number of courses you took in a semester multiplied by their respective credit hours. For example, if you took five courses in a semester and each was worth three credit hours, your CCT would be calculated as;

5 x 3 = 15

So meaning in that semester all your courses would be worth 15 credit hours.

So now in calculating your GPA, you need to know the points you earn for each grade. Here is a chart to guide you

Mark%                 Grade     Points
85-100                    A+             15.0
80-84                      A               13.5
75-79                       B+            12.0
70-74                       B               10.5
65-69                       C+            9.0
60-64                       C              7.5
55-59                       D+           6.0
50-54                       D              4.5
Below 50                 F                0

So then let’s calculate our GPA.

In calculating your GPA, you’ll need to add the points for each of the grades you got and divide the answer by your total credit hours

  • GPAs are semester specific
  • GPA= Total GP/Total Credit

For example,

ACT 1013A13.5
ACT 1033B+12.5
ACT 1053B10.5
ACT 1093C+9.0
ACT 1103C7.5

Total GP=53.0

Therefore GPA= TGP/ CCT

= 53.0/15

= 3.53

The next thing is to calculate your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). This is for the total semesters a student has taken examinations at the university.

So this is basically the  Total GPA of all courses taken/ Total Number of Credits of all courses you have taken

You barb?

Assuming you’ve taken an examination in Level 300 second semester, the TGPs and Credits will be calculated from L100 first and second semesters, L200 first and second semesters, L300 first and second semester. “koko kraaa abi”?

Finally, The Final Grade Point Average (FGPA). This is what determines the class you’ll get at the end of your studies at CCTU. Final awards shall be classified in accordance with criteria established by the Board from time to time. For the moment, the following criteria shall apply:

CLASS OF AWARD                             C.G.P.A.
1st Class                                               4.00 and above
2nd Class Upper                                 3.00- 3.99
2nd Class Lower                                 2.00-2.99
Pass                                                       1.50-1.99
Fail                                                        Below 1.50


These awards shall be made to candidates who fulfil the above requirements.

So there you go peeps. Calculating your GPA should be easy now……

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