#BreakTheBarrier: Closeup Uncovered The Best Rapper You Can Find In UDS

Closeup has been running the #BreakTheBarrier campaign for some weeks now.

The campaign was initiated to help individuals break the barrier to the next level of their lives.

In connection to that, the Closeup Campus Tour began.

The tour began in the University of Developmental Studies, Tamale campus.

After the show, a young man popularly known as Accy was announced as the winner of the UDS Closeup Campus Tour.

Trust us when we say Accy got bars!!!

He moves the crowd like no one else.

With Closeup, Accy was able to move from underground status to a known figure in UDS and Tamale as a whole.

Accy was able to #BreakTheBarrier with Closeup and you can too.

Get yourself a tube of the new Closeup Cool Breeze and take the next step!

Don’t forget to catch the finals of the Closeup Cool Breeze Campus Tour at the National Theatre on the 3rd of August.


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