Spooky Monday: This Girl Just Gave Us Weird Ebony Reigns Vibes


Nana Hemaa, Ebony Reigns left us in February this year when she died alongside her friend Franky Kuri and security attaché – Francis Vondee in a road accident.

The short life of this musician, whose meteoric rise to fame caught the attention of the entire nation just reminded us again how fleeting life is.

Though it seems that most of us have moved on from the initial pain and heartbreak – one girl on Instagram just reminded us how amazing Ebony Reigns was.

Tisha, who goes by the name @iam_tisha on Instagram has described herself as a photo model, artist, actress, and a voice-over artist.

Tisha has a slight resemblance of Ebony – but that’s not why we are telling you about her.

What got us to do a double take is her voice…

Oh.. nice and spooky at the same time.

If there was ever a contest for the best Ebony voice impersonator then Tisha would win hands down.

Watch her below as she sends chills down our spines

The most important thing in life is to mind your business😘😘😘

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This is kinda weird and nice at the same time…

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