The Full Story – Chilling New Details About The Grandmother Who Was Abused By A Police Officer In The Viral Video

Almost everybody in the country who heard about the story of a grandmother carrying her grandchild and being physically abused by a uniformed police was outraged by the unfortunate incident.

In our part of the world, unarmed civilians being brutalized by uniformed servicemen is steeped in our history and we are often reminded that civilians are sometimes second-class citizens.

The gutwrenching video you just watched above happened after a grandmother’s repeated attempts at unsuccessfully withdrawing money from her own savings account she kept with Midlands Savings and Loans.

The toffee and tissue trader at Spanner Junction has been trying to withdraw her money since last Friday but the savings and loans company has been turning her away with the excuse that they had bad network.

Now… we are not saying this is the case – but it is common knowledge that when certain banks are short of cash for which they can’t pay out withdrawals… they cite bad network as the problem. It might be the case here or they genuinely had a network problem…

According to the grandmother – she refused to leave the banking hall last Thursday (when the incident happened) when she was asked to return yesterday (Friday) for her money…

Her refusal to leave was based on the fact that she was too broke to leave and she desperately needed money to purchase baby food for her grandchild – who was born after her daughter was raped…

Damnnnn… this poor woman can’t catch a break from this hard knock life?

It is reported that the Midland Savings and Loans company gave her GHS 270 after she was assaulted by Federick Amanor – the on-duty police officer.

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