Let’s Tell You How To Buy Your Tidal Rave Tickets For Half The Price

If you still aren’t preparing for Tidal Rave then we advise you to move from the rock you’ve been living under.

We’re all gingered up in the waviEST way and we can’t wait!

The big question here is…


If not, then Ecobank has some good news for you!

You can get the Tidal Rave ticket at a 50% discount.

Yes we’re 100% sure!

It’s simple…

All you have to do is purchase your Tidal Rave ticket through the Ecobank Mobile App!

Let’s show you how.

First download the Ecobank Mobile App on your smart phone.

Go through the registration process and select Xpress Account.

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After registering select the ‘Pay Bill’ option from the app’s home screen.

Then select ‘Goods and Services’ from the next menu.

A ‘Tidal Rave’ option then appreas at the button of the screen.

Select the Tidal Rave option and fill in the next page with your details.

Confirm payment and input pin to make payment.

Let’s note that each buyer is allowed to make 2 or less purchases.

Water you waiting for? Go spread the word!

See y’all at Tidal Rave.


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