Social Media Goes Crazy After A Video Of A Police Officer Abusing A Mother Goes Viral

Ghana Police

This is not the first time a uniformed person has brutalized a civilian. This happens much too often in this country of ours and it must STOP.

For whatever the crime is… beating up someone is not the best solution.

Today, we were saddened by this despicable video of a police officer physically abusing a mother who was holding her child.

The incident reportedly occurred at a Midlands Savings and Loans branch.

According to reports, she was abused because she refused to leave the banking hall when she entered just minutes before closing hours.

She then refused to leave the banking hall until she withdrew the GHS 250 for which she visited the branch.

After she refused to leave – the police officer was asked to remove her from the banking hall. This then resulted in the altercation between the police officer and the woman.

In the video, a gentleman can be heard asking the woman who was being brutalized to hand over her baby.

In the last few seconds of the video – a gentleman also pleaded to the staff of the financial institution to give her the GHS 250 but a female staff could be heard in the background disagreeing with the gentleman’s request.

The viral video has already garnered some outburst on social media

This is just sad.

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