You Have Probably Seen Them On Campus A Couple Of Times. Take A Look At The Most Popular Students In Legon

Although Legon is a big place with lots of people, some people managed to get their names on everybody’s lips. Those people that when you mention their name naa you will get a whole crowd joining in the conversation nu.

If you can’t find at least 3 people here that you have heard of or know, then you really need to start the school from level 100 cause Ei!

Check out our most popular people.

Ever been to Bloom Bar?? Our next popular person turns the place up! YH award winning Dj, the iPhone Dj. His IG handle is @theiphonedj.

Diana Edinam Kumbey, popularly known as Afro Girl. She offers  Agriculture  She is a runway and photo model.  You can check her out on Ig @the_afrogirl and subscribe to her YouTube channel, TheAfroGirl channel.

Seen some fine boy bi on campus with a braided beard? Yeah next up is Kobby Fish. He is in Frances Sey Hall. Go to on IG to refresh your memory


You cannot this next person! Like extremely endowed sane! Her name is Erica Emefa. Her Ig page is @ericaemefa

This list would be totally incomplete without Schandorf Ayrebi Acquah. The SRC aspirant who deferred his course and still didn’t win the elections. Remember?? Here is the link to his IG page: @paakwesi_schandorf

Rachel Suglo, AKA, Kwarambelle is a dancer in level 200. Her ig handle is @kwarambelle

You know that pent balcony one corner video that went viral??. Yup! Our next personality leaked the video lol. His name is Papa Yaw Addo. He is the CEO of Green Campus Ghana; an initiative to protect the Earth against excessive waste. He was in the running for SRC but dropped out later. His IG handle is @pyaaddo

Next, we have Hildegarde. Every day and her different hair dye oo charle! Her IG page is @6remah

Kwesi Peprah, AKA KayPee is the General Manager of Echo Legon (Yeah the Tidal Rave and FreshAfair people!!) and a student of the Business School. He is also a photographer, the CEO of Slice Imagery. Check him out @kay_pee_jnr

Enyonam Hosi of Miss Malaika fame. Her IG handle is @hosii

Our Ghana Foodie101 CEO, Deladem Joshua, AKA @the_jaush.

He is a level 400 resident of Jean Nelson Hall.

What is a list without the music makers eh? We have Afrobeat and R&B singer, Jeffrey Mettle Nunoo, AKA,  @maykerison.

Godfred Offei- Larbi AKA Goddey!!! CEO of the 1Z BOYS. If it is dance moves, he is there, the Okpo charging?? Of course, he is repping. Look no further.


Next up is ArabicMan. His real name is Fadil Bashiru. He is a rapper. His IG handle is @_arabicman

Dodzi Aveh is a performing arts student, who is into radio and poetry. His Instagram handle is @whoisdeydzi

Negus the Poet too dey. He is a spoken word artiste. IG Handle is @Negusthepoet.

This next guy, everyone thought he’d win the SRC elections but unfortunately, he didn’t. Yeah, Ewura Adams Karim. IG handle is @ewuraadamskarim.

Former French club president and politically yours, Gilles Ametepe.  IG handle is @gillesametepe

Apaskina Brukina is Up! John Apas sells brukina on campus.

His IG handle is @apas6459.

It’s a wrap!

If you didn’t see your name or your friend’s then please Try Again Next Semester! We Out!


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