UPDATE: Here Are Details Of The Conti Alumni Lawsuit Against KNUST

Kuulpeeps! You all remember when the Vice-Chancellor of KNUST made a decision to convert University Hall And Unity Halls to mixed halls? A lot of chaos resulted from that. Over the past months, we’ve all had our ears on the ground probably waiting for how things will turn out.

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Officially, the school authoritiess claim the conversion of the halls into mixed halls will help increase the population of female student admitted into KNUST, meanwhile, unofficially, the management is hoping that this move will eradicate the never-ending rivalry between these two halls; Univerity Hall (Katanga) and Unity HAll (Continentals).

However, The Old Boys Association of Unity Hall has filled a lawsuit against the school’s management decision to convert the halls to mixed halls. They termed the conversion as discriminatory and against the laws on which Unity Hall was built.

As per their lawsuit, they want the court to make orders that include;

A declaration that Unity Hall and Africa Hall were established expressly as all-male and all-female hall of residence respectfully on KNUST campus under specific regulations and laws and stand on the same harizon to enjoy the same classic reasoning for their establishment.

“A declaration that Unity Hall, just like -Africa Hall, was envisaged by the University’s forebearers for a Continental remembrance, hence, the full name of the hall being, ‘Continental Unity Hall’, and so its character and nature as an all-male hall of residence, must be left to stand as an all female hall of residence, as this entire vision adds to the uniqueness of the institution. And that seeking to alter the nature of only Unity Hall is discriminatory.

“A declaration that Unity Hall having been expressly so established under a specific regulation and law, the defendants or their successors cannot alter the character and nature of Unity Hall as an all-male hall, unless empowered to do same by a regulation and law.

“A perpetual injunction restraining the defendants or their successors from ever attempting to alter the character and nature of Unity Hall as an all-male hall to a mixed sex hall,” and

“Cost and any other order(s) this Honourable Court may deem fit”.

Rumours have it that, female continuing students have already been allocated rooms at the University Hall.

Will the school’s management still stand firm and alter the tradition of these halls?

We can’t wait for the next semester to begin…

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