Don’t Try This – But This Sad Video Proves Our Emergency Services Need More Training

All of us have watched western movies that have shown us how professional and helpful emergency services are.

911 calls in the movies always show call operators ready to help the people who have called.

Now get this…. we are not in any way supporting prank calling the emergency services but after weeks of people complaining about the failing health sector and the unavailability of enough ambulances for emergencies, one Twitter user @mimiboat_  decided to record herself while she placed a call to emergency services.

Mimi called 911 that later transferred her call to particular emergency services, it was then that the most shocking thing happened.

The call operator just asked her “What is it” in the Twi language and she hung up on Mimi.

Watch the video below:

Ok, but as despicable as the video is… it’s actually against the law to prank call the emergency services.

Please don’t try it and let’s get social to get the authorities to properly train the call operators.

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