Yvonne Nelson Gave Jamie Roberts This Advice Just As Their Relationship Was About To Go Public

Yvonne Nelson

Thank you, Instagram for the “Ask Anything” feature.

The latest person of interest who has used this feature is Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

Yeah… you can only imagine the type of questions people asked Yvonne’s baby daddy when he activated this feature on his IG handle, myeyeswide.

Jamie said “Ask away!” and his followers did as commanded.

While some were asking where he first met Yvonne Nelson, others wanted to feel him out and know the kind of hopes and aspirations he has.

For your tea time pleasure…


Then the advice Yvonne Nelson gave him…

Well…. ain’t that, right?…

Whoever at Instagram thought up the “Ask Anything” feature must be given….. aarrrhhh…ok we don’t know what that person or team wants… but for the sake of all those who like to gossip, they deserve some accolades…

This new “Ask Anything” on Instagram is just perfect for those of us who have our noses in other people’s business… see… it is the greatest feeling.

This new IG feature allows you to get interactive with your followers by encouraging them to ask you anything in your stories.

Your reply also appears in the stories but it doesn’t include the account name of the person who asked the question.

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