Meet Terry Debrah, The Young Ghanaian Making Waves With His Writing

We live in times where writing isn’t really appreciated by youngins.

All young ones do is to bump to the finest chunnnes, only acknowledging the artiste and ignoring the songwriters.

Writing has become a very powerful tool today. Many of us use it to express how we feel.

Others use it for academic purposes only.  To this writer, writing is his whole life.

Many of us are intrigued by the some of the words this young champ has written.


Day in and day out he comes out with motivational writings, stories, and articles.

He has currently written two stories so far (AMERICAN LOVE and APRIL & APRIL) with the third one coming shortly.

He has managed to get a total of over 5k reads on Wattpad. 

He started his education at Ave Maria School (JHS). He then moved to Accra Academy to complete his high school education, he is currently a student of University of Professional Studies (UPSA) studying Marketing. 

He believes that one must take his or her God-given talents serious and also learn and explore other amazing talents.

Also, he is the founder of “Tenewonsa Ghana”. A foundation for the poor and needy that are making waves slowly in Ghana.

Ladies and gentlemen, he goes by the name TERRY DEBRAH.

We would encourage y’all to read some of this champs work and you won’t be disappointed.















A guy who had been through a lot of difficulties in life, he had suffered since he completed university.

He had never been happy but he had hope and he prayed always. Just when he thought he had found happiness, something terrible happened! Experience how his life went throughout April.

From April 1 – April 30

Day 1 of April & April

Day 2 of April & April

Day 3 of April & April

Day 4 of April & April

Day 5 of April & April

Day 6 of April & April

Day 7 of April & April


The first week has ended swiftly, another week begins. The story just began

Day 8 of April & April

Day 9 of April & April


Day 10 of April & April


Day 11 of April & April


Day 12 of April & April


Day 13 of April & April


Day 14 of April & April


Third week, the hustle is real and getting more


Day 15 of April & April

Day 16 of April & April

Day 17 of April & April

Day 18 of April & April

Day 19 of April & April

Day 20 of April & April

Day 21 of April & April


Last week of April . You wouldn’t want to miss this.

Day 22 of April & April

Day 23 of April & April

Day 24 of April & April

Day 25 of April & April

Day 26 of April & April

Day 27 of April & April

Day 28 of April & April

Day 29 of April & April

Day 30 of April & April




This young prolific writer has received thumbs up from some from some celebrities for his good works.

Here are some of his works.

Enjoy the read!


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