These Photos From Mfantsiman Are All You Need To See To Relive Your Time On Campus

Mfantsiman Girls' Secondary School

We know you haven’t visited the school since you completed. If you were asked to go to the dining hall, you’d probably enter a classroom lol. So we are here to save you the embarrassment. Below are the new developments in Mfantsiman, let’s see if your memory is that good.

Form 1 Block

Old Library

Sick Bay 

School Park

Old Chapel

Butler House

Old Dining Hall

Chinery House

Croffie House

School Piggery

New Assembly Hall

School Administration

Mfantsiman Crest

Home Economics Kitchen

Form 2 Block


Form 3 Block

Home Econs Block

Yeboah House

Scotton House


Dinning Hall


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