Here Is What We Know About Benjamin Adu Boahene, The Trainee Pastor Who Was Senselessly Killed At Madina By A Drunk Driver

Sometimes we are justified to give up on life. Live a carefree life and never want to push for greatness here on earth.

The story about Benjamin Adu Boahen, the prospects of his life and the circumstances within which he passed is one of saddest stories we have ever had to talk about.

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Here is a young 33-year-old trainee pastor, newly married while expecting his first child with his wife Fafa getting himself killed by an unlicensed drunk driver right in his own ‘backyard’.

All the education his parents paid for, the sleepless nights trying to get a degree for a better assurance to a better life.

In one split second when Richmond, the driver, hit Adu Boahene into that gutter made all of that effort useless. Leaving behind a young widow who will be left to raise a child all by herself in these times when two people even struggle to do the same thing.

Starting his early education at University Primary School, he then headed off to Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon. He completed in the 2003 year group.

He then went to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he had his first degree.

He married his wife, Fafa last December in a very beautiful wedding.

At the time of his death, Benjamin had found Christ.

He was in training of becoming a pastor and he had everything going for him.

His career path laid before him, he’s got a beautiful wife, there is a baby on the way.

All of that…. gone within a twinkle of an eye.

RIP Adu Boahene.

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