Forget The Small Boy Who Was Writing, We Have The Meme Of The Year!

Social media is nothing without memes and memes are nothing without social media. Memes come and Memes go. There was a time when this little boy was the trending meme.

But all too soon, social media has forgotten about him.  When we thought we were all done with these little children being used for memes, social media comes back better and stronger! This time it’s our very own Cardi B on the hot seat

We won’t be hearing the last of this as it is gradually turning into a challenge. The Cardi B challenge. Enjoy some of the outstanding memes from the Cardi B meme challenge

even Cardi B found it funny and has shared a  meme on her Instagram page

and then these guy raised the bar. He got a chain

We are hollerinnnnnnnnnnng!!!!

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