Lydia Forson Calls Out French President Emmanuel Macron For Exposing His Ignorance About Colonialism

Lydia Forson, Emmanuel Macron

If you follow the award-winning actress, Lydia Forson on any of social media platform then you know that she is one who to speak her mind.

She sticks to her opinions and she doesn’t shy away from expressing them irrespective of who might take offence at them.

One of the people who has found themselves being criticised by Lydia is none other than the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The European president is on a state visit to Nigeria and whiles there, he is making efforts to develop relationships with the young people in Nigeria.

While he is engaging in on-the-ground diplomacy, Emmanuel Macron decided to take his diplomacy to social media.

He said that after a speaking engagement.

Then he followed it with another tweet which he first wrote in French and then in English:

Just as we read in history class, French heavily colonized parts of Africa and even participated in the so-called scramble for Africa in the days of colonization.

Even in 2018, most French-speaking countries in West Africa have not fully broken off the colonial ties with France like most English colonised African countries have.

A large part of the monetary policies of Cote D’ivore, Mali, Togo among others are heavily influenced by France mainly because they still have the CFA has their currency.

Moreover, France continues to keep military bases in most of these countries – Cote D’Iviore is case in point.

Colonialism in its literal definition might not exist today in Africa, but its effects and ramifications are very much in existence.

The forces of colonialism and the circumstances it created are still shaping the lives of Africans who never saw their countries physically colonised.

It is this exact point that Lydia Forson made when she quote tweeted Emmanuel Macron’s tweet about 60% of Nigerians who have never witnessed colonialism.

We totally agree with Lydia when she said: “We can’t Kumbaya and live as one people when the effects of colonization and systematic oppression still linger on today.”

Yes, we are a new generation Mr Macron…. but we are a new generation of colonised people who have to deal with a different kind of colonialism (neocolonialism) than what our forefathers endured.

The new generation in France is certainly different from the new generation of formerly colonised Africa.

Yes, we will dispel prejudice but we will do it on our own terms and not one prescribed by a President of an European country that continue to “colonise” parts of Africa.

Love to Lydia…

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