This Is The Congo Migrant Who Climbed The Statue Of Liberty In The US To Protest Against Trump

Yesterday, while the rest of America was celebrating the country’s independence with cookouts and fireworks, Theresa Patricia Okoumou, a 44-year-old migrant from Congo decided to spend her holiday on the statue of liberty in the United States of America!!

Yesss you read it right, sis was on sitting on the statue of liberty wearing “ABOLISH ICE” banner, and ‘Rise and Resist” Tshirt unbothered with her legs crossed.

She had time yesterday, she didn’t want to come to your cookout!!…

We can not tell you how she got there, but we can tell you why.

Ms Therese Patricia Okoumou climbed the statue of Liberty as an attempt to protest against immigration to remove all the detained children under ICE prisons to their families. She stated that she will not get down from the foot of lady liberty until the children are returned to their families.

Sis was eventually brought down from the statue of liberty and she was arrested.

She is set to be arraigned today in front of a Federal Judge.

All jokes aside this was such as brave act…

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