Obinim Describes Ghana As ‘Useless’ Country In A Video

Our well-known controversial Bishop Obinim is having a wonderful time in Dubai with his wife, Florence Obinim.

We don’t know if he wants to change his religion and stay in Dubai.

He said he liked the Muslim religion than that of the Christian Religion.

Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim also described Ghana as a useless country.

According to him, while everything is so expensive in the country, Ghanaians are also very quick to find fault with everything other people do.

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Speaking in a video from Dubai where he has been vacationing with his wife, Florence, Obinim explained that while countries like Togo charge nothing on imports into the country he has had to pay GHC500,000 (5 billion old cedis) as the duty for a car he recently imported.

‘On top of that, you have people complaining about how I get my money while forgetting the suffering I go through,’ he added.

He wondered why Ghanaians think pastors who have been blessed with wealth like himself should be condemned and ridiculed just because they have worked hard for their money.

Obinim revealed that if it had not been that Jesus Christ had specifically placed him in Ghana to win souls and the love he has for his church members, he would have relocated elsewhere.

He further listed four countries America, China, Dubai, and Europe (France, Germany, Spain, etc.) as his preferred places to Ghana.

Obinim has come under a lot of criticisms from a section of Ghanaians in the past few weeks following news that he had acquired a Rolls Royce worth $300,000.

Many of the critics just could not fathom why the pastor would spend so much on a car and some have been asking about his source of wealth.

He earlier responded to his critics that $300,000 was nothing and that he could buy four more if he wanted to.


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