This Is Why Charlotte Osei And Her Two Deputies Were Sacked

The news on Charlotte Osei and her two deputies who have been removed from the office of the EC broke out in the late hour of yesterday.

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This caused a stir on several social media platforms. The information gathered indicates that a leaked 54-page report which was forwarded to the President, Nana Akufo Addo, is the reason for removing the EC Chairperson and her two deputies.

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Meanwhile, the EC Chairperson is comforting herself with an edited memory verse after her removal on her Instagram handle,

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Excerpts from the report indicate that:

  • The impeachment committee was established because the Chief Justice, in a preliminary investigation, established a prima facie case against the three EC bosses following separate petitions filed against them.
  • One of the main charges against her was a contract awarded to STL to be paid from taxpayer’s coffers. She could not defend herself on the subject matter when queried
  • An authorization of spending $7.5 million later changed to $14.34 million spent on construction of offices contract.
  • A $32,510 plus another $76000 of EC money was paid to a company the EC had no contract with and in her defence she stated the grant was from USAID and not public funds.

From the evidence, therefore, the Chairperson, as head of entity, breached section 38 of the Public Procurement Act, Act 663 as amended for her failure to seek approval from the Public Procurement Authority, before using the restricted tender method of procurement.

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Under sections 17 and 18 of the Public Procurement (Amendment) Act, Act 914, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, who is the head of entity, is responsible for this breach of the law.

Below is the full report based on which the President fired Charlotte Osei and her deputies:

Excerpts of Report on Charlotte Osei by Andrews Nii Okai Tetteh on Scribd

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