Here’s Your 411 On How To Survive The Summer Vacation

Hey peeps! How has your break been so far?

Okay so if you don’t have any internship/attachment doing, it actually isn’t too late but here are things you could do to keep yourself busy and entertained.

  • Catch up with old friends

I bet there are a couple of friends who have been complaining about you dawging them and all that drama they come with. This vac, take time and visit them, go out. You can have sleepovers and all, but of course, check with your parents first.

  • Discover new music

yeah, yeah. Our generation actually has about 80% of its youngsters doing music. Just get on the web or any of the music apps and find a genre to jam to.

  • Reorganize or Redecorate your room

If you’d like a change in your life, try redecorating or reorganizing your room. Donate old clothes, books, or furniture you no longer use. This should help kill boredom and definitely give you some kind of satisfaction if you’re the messy type.

  • Become a tourist in your own city

Pretend you’re from out of state and only have a limited amount of time to explore your city. Take yourself and your friends or family to the must-see places around town.

  • Take A Movie Marathon

We bet there are a couple of series or movies your friends keep talking about. Here’s your chance to watch them all.

  • Exercise

That Summer body for Tidal Rave, work on it! Go for a walk. Run. Bike. Do yoga. Play soccer. Just get up, and get moving.

Enjoy all the time you have not worrying about studying or assignments!

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