Meet Rev. S.S Asieni, The Current Headmaster Of Mawuli School


Mawuli School, located in Ho, the Volta Region’s capital city, is our High School of the Month and as part of our celebration, we had a short but interesting interview with the current headmaster of the school.

Before the interview, let’s take a look at the educational background of the headmaster who is also a man of God.

He is an old student of the Anfoega Senior High School. After his secondary education, he continued to the Peki Government Training College, then he finally went to the University of Cape Coast for his first 1st degree.

Now that we a little knowledge about this educational background, let’s meet Rev. Samuel Senanu Asieni, the current headmaster of Mawuli School.

Kuulpeeps: Before you became headmaster, what subjects did you teach?

Rev.: As a teacher, I must say I’ve taught almost every subject. I later taught Religious and Moral Education after my first degree in UCC. I also taught English and Social Studies somewhere along the line.

Kuulpeeps: Aside your first degree, which other height have you attained in education?

Rev.: After my first degree in UCC, I taught for a while then I went back to school for my masters (Master of Educational Administration). I also have a bachelor of Divinity in the Ministry.

Kuulpeeps: Now let us talk about Mawuli School. When did you first arrive here?

Rev.: I was first posted to Mawuli School as a Chaplin in 2007. In 2010, I was appointed as Assistant Headmaster Academic of the school. I then left for Leklebi Senior High School in September 2015 as the Headmaster of the school. I came back in October 2017 as headmaster of Mawuli School.

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Kuulpeeps: A quick question Sir, how do you balance God’s work with being headmaster?

Rev.: (Laughs) They are all God’s work. Discipline is always the best way to go when it comes to education, and having a Presbyterian training as a man of God has also helped because there’s no success without discipline.

Kuulpeeps: From your time as a teaching staff until now, has there been any major changes in the school?

Rev.: Of course. There has been a couple of changes in the school. There is a new assembly hall, an 18 unit classroom block that is still under construction.

Kuulpeeps: We know you haven’t been here for long but what’s your relationship with the teachers and students like?

Rev.: I would say my relationship with the staff and students has been very good. Personally, I believe in making decisions with the staff. I can come up with something but so far as the staff does not approve it, it does not hold. An example is our morning devotion. Before I became head of the school, we used to have it on Mondays, it was changed to Wednesdays and after discussing it with the staff, it was brought back to Monday.

Kuulpeeps: In your time as a teacher and even now has the headmaster, has there been any instance where an old student passed by to thank you for your training?

Rev.: There have been many instances where students come back to beg and thank me for being the disciplinarian that I am. An old student came back some time ago and he mentioned that he wants to come back to school just to listen to our Monday morning preaching.

Kuulpeeps: Can you share with us some of the nicknames the students have given you?

Rev.: As for nicknames, I told the students they can give me a thousand names if they want. I know they call me Rev 6-6 just because I give 6 lashes when I grab someone doing the wrong thing. They also call me Seku just because I’m strict and I always check them. They think I don’t know so it will come as a surprise to them when they find out.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you Rev. for talking to us.

Rev. Asieni believes in discipline and he stated that he would stop at nothing to discipline any student who does not do the right thing. He also boldly stated that Mawuli School is the best school in the whole world.

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