Ladies!!! These Are Some Of The Types Of Guys You Will Meet On UENR Campus

On every other Ghanaian campus, the rules of guys chasing ladies are most probably the same and a part of that is actually not different on the UENR campus.

In UENR, however, there is an exaggerated ratio of 1 lady, to every 15 guys here. Makes the guys feel every girl that smiles at them wants to flirt with them or have something to do with them.

You will definitely meet a couple of these types of guys on UENR campus.

The Apologetic Guy

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This one is always apologising for everything and it is cute until it gets annoying. He apologises for stepping on your foot thrice, for borrowing your pen, even meeting you accidentally! That is probably because he gets nervous when he sees you and is lost for words, and all he can seem to say is “sorry”, “it won’t happen again” and “forgive me”.

He could actually be a good boyfriend- if only he could stop apologising. *sigh*

The Guy Who Always Smiles

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He probably met you in that brief moment you were enjoying a text whilst walking and you looked up to smile. Unfortunately, his face was there and he was watching. Naturally, he assumes you could tell he was ‘spying’ and that you also like him. So he starts smiling back and takes this to mean he’s hit a score and starts speaking to you happily. Sorry dude. No.

The Researcher

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This guy probably saw you before you noticed him. Once he believes he must date you, he is going to make the effort of finding everything he can about you. He will ask your friends, try and get to know your family background. He will make it his business to know your favourite food and phone number but be probably be too ‘shy’ to approach you in person. Some of them can even go to the extent of stalking you, keeping pictures or memorabilia of yours such as a notebook and actually plan an ‘accidental’ meeting and you would have no idea.

The “Big” Brother

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He is willing to be friend-zoned and even tagged as “family”, (you know, the big brother or cousin category?). Then he gets stuck there. When you are actually ready, willing and expecting him to propose, because he has been zoned for too long, he is now extremely comfortable in the category. He can’t even see all the signs you throw his way-or just maybe he is ignoring and silently paying you back? Well, it is your fault.

The Chrife

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In the name of evangelism, he approaches you and invites you to a church gathering or something of that sort. It seems cool in the beginning until he is at your door almost every day of the week, especially after a gruelling 3-hour lecture and he is giving you a reason to run the other way when you see him coming. The icing on the cake? “Sister, I believe it is the will of the Lord that we date.”

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