5 Ways To Successfully Enjoy Your First Days At UENR


UENR freshers, step and scroll down for what we believe is a foolproof plan to enjoying your first weeks on campus, and probably the next 4 years.

Once you have been accepted into the University of Energy and Natural Resources and you arrive on campus, you should grab a room at the GETFund Hostel. You would be asked to present your hostel receipt for proof of payment.

First years are given a priority there and by the looks of huge numbers of freshmen, it’s going to get full pretty soon. You would be sharing your room with 3 other people so be sure to be nice, after all, your next few months will be spent with them. Note the clubs and campus factions that would be approaching you at the hostel.

Don’t be overwhelmed, UENR is a small community and pretty much from the start, everyone wants you on their team. Don’t be in a rush to pick, it’s advisable you get settled in first.

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Registration might get confusing once you get unto the main campus with people directing at every turn on where exactly to go. What you should remember is you should go early so you leave early. You must have your admission letter and school receipt on you as your first point of call will be the account office. Arm yourself with the school map provided with your admission letter or just ask anyone you meet. Next is the IT department. They officially register you as a student of the school and give you an ID.

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You might notice this pretty quickly a few days after your arrival on campus. It is pretty difficult to get a lot of food options. Believe us when we tell you it gets harder by evening.

Chances of buying food as late as 9 pm are pretty much 0.5% and closest to non-existent and you may be forced to get a taxi to town just to get some food to eat.

To solve this, try buying your dinner early and if you are the type of person who eats late, BJ’s joint might be your only solution. Then there is the option of cooking your own food. It is healthy anyway.

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A UENR freshman has a lot of free time on their hands in their first few days. It is a good idea to explore campus: check out the lecture halls, find the past questions of your course in the library and even visit the Sunyani township.

If you intend to do some shopping, you should try the Sunyani town market, Wednesday market and Melcom shopping centre for items you might need.

Be on the lookout for fraudsters who might pretend to aid you especially if you would be arriving late. You should call any of the SRC PRO team members. Don’t stay out alone. If you have to go out, do so with a friend or two in tow.

Sunyani is a pretty chill place, fresher. You will soon discover that for yourself. The serene environment of trees and almost no noise is your home for the next four years.

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