Saudi Arabia Driving Ban Has Been Lifted Yet Women Activists Remain Incarcerated

Before the Ban was lifted just like any other civil rights movements hardships were faced, activists are to make sacrifices and put their life on the line before changes occur and to these activists, it is all worth it.  As most of Saudi Arabia are rejoicing over the lifting of the driving ban on Women, most people also want us to remember that the fight is not over.

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Here is why…..

The women activists who pushed for the cause remain behind bars. Around 12 women’s rights activists have been detained since May and according to a Reuters report : “activists and diplomats have speculated that the new wave of arrests may be aimed at appeasing conservative elements opposed to reforms and that it may be a message to activists not to push demands out of sync with the government’s own agenda.”

The Human Rights Watch tweeted that, “There can be no real celebration today while the women who campaigned for the right to drive and their supporters remain behind bars


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