Meet Amaarae, The Singer Who Wants To Master The Power Of Emotions In Order To Take Her Listeners On A Complete Journey

Born in Bronx, New York and raised between Atlanta, Georgia and Accra, Amaarae is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer.

She is an artist who describes herself and her sound as an eclectic blend of bold, yet sexy lyricism and longing vulnerable melodies. The polarizing combination of uninhibited wordplay and Amaarae’s small yet alluring vocals are what makes this young woman so shocking to listen to, yet one cannot help but fall prey to the fierce expression of lust, pain, and love lost in the singer’s music.

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Amaarae is no taller than 5 foot 3 inches, yet when we are graced with her undeniable star presence, the singer’s tomboy cool, glossy coloured hair and quiet composure shine through; An artist that truly embodies the aura of a walking oxymoron.

Amaarae looks nothing like she sounds thus making for an enriching overall experience with a young woman who’s knack for cheeky yet well-placed words alongside cooing melodies display her knowledge of a world that far exceeds one’s expectations. She sites the likes of Billie Holiday, Anthony Kiedis and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks as blueprints for her sound.

Amaarae is also a recent graduate of the coveted women’s University, Agnes Scott College, the young talent holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a concentration in Non-Fiction and Poetry.

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She states: “my talents as a human being far exceed my ability to sing sexy songs, I am more than a singer and a songwriter, I make music because I want to master the power of emotions so that I can be able to sway a listener from joy to melancholy and right back to joy if I so choose and that is no easy feat.

It requires time learning about the way sound works and the dynamics of sonic engineering. I dedicate my time not only to improving my voice and my performance craft but also my craft as a sound engineer, that is what holds the most weight when I am creating a song– understanding the dynamics of instruments and sounds and how they work to facilitate emotions.

When describing what she likes to do in her downtime the songstress is enthusiastic about being a homebody: “I like to read… a lot! but most importantly I really enjoy spending my down time with my family, there’s about a thousand of us! we’re a huge bunch, especially on my father’s side and even my mum as well.

My family offers me a level of comfort and support that I don’t think I would find anywhere else, for me, home is where the heart is entirely and my younger brother is my best friend in the whole world. I do all of my cooking experiments on him!

Though she doesn’t discuss her family much, in her debut EP, Passionfruit Summers, the artist saunters coolly through the corridors of heartbreak and compromise in relationships.

She approaches her subject matter with an attitude that is mature in its lyrical content yet vulnerable in all other ways. Passionfruit Summers is out now on all major media streaming platforms and can be purchased via iTunes.

Amaarae parts ways with the fear of lost love and demonstrates an undeniable lust for sonic freedom in her debut release Passionfruit Summers.

The six-track EP journeys through hypnotic harmonies, ice cool synths and syrupy guitars that playfully submerge the listener and narrator alike, Passionfruit Summers finds the songstress wandering in a world elevated by flirtatious melodies that carry quiet reflections.

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