GIJ: Students Lose Hope In The Newbie SRC Administration

Speaking of breathing space, the current Student Representative Council (SRC) of GIJ don’t have any at all. No room for mistakes has been granted to them. They are being held by their campaign promises to make living in GIJ smooth. Even before the semester began, they have got students losing hope in them.

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The current administration, led by His Excellency President Emmanuel Kumah, whose tenure of office is yet to begin is already having a tough time with students.

Last week, students saw a leaked information about increased fees. Students didn’t take it lightly on the SRC. Some expressed their disappointment with the SRC for failing to advocate for the students.

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The SRC made statements claiming they were yet to meet the Management to come to a justifiable decision, but after the meeting, the reports added salt to injury. Below is the statement released by General Secretary, Naa Adoley Moffatt



🎯 From The Kumadinkra Office


Fees to Be Increased  But With Explanations & Possible Breakdown


The leadership of the SRC, today held a meeting with Management following unauthorized publications of new fees on Wednesday, 20th June 2018; the agitation and disagreement from the SRC that came thereof. Once again, Management apologized for the premature publication indicating that there were errors on the sheets and hence was not conclusive.

SRC Disagrees with Increment and Raised these Concerns at  the Meeting:



  1. Though many other universities were to see an increment in fees, the situation of GIJ is peculiar. The quality of services over the years hasn’t been meritorious for which more would be demanded from students.


  1. The increment is questionable considering the times when students have called for a breakdown of what they already pay.


  1. The 60 % part-payment required of students who can’t afford the fees at ago will even make it more difficult for parents and guardians to accept and afford a possible increment.


Management to Release Official New Fees With Justifications:


Students are hereby informed to expect an official notice from Management about the new fees. But the SRC has asked that Management publishes to the entire student body the justifications that have informed the majority decision towards the increment. Management agreed to publish the reasons for this in the coming days ahead of the official publication of the new fees.

The SRC President in response to the new directive also insisted on other conditions to be met before implementation of the new fees. Some of these included (1) the review of the 60 per cent part-payment required of students and (2) a thorough breakdown of the fees paid by students.


 Management is expected to respond to this call by Monday, 25th June 2018.


We wish to assure our brothers and sisters that we share in their surprise and concerns in these times and are still in talks with the appropriate offices seeking that the payment of the new fees,  when implemented, is made reasonable and flexible for us all.


In the meantime, the Secretariat awaits the Gazette of Management listing the reason(s) for the shoot-up as promised, to the student body.



Naa Adoley Moffatt

GIJ-SRC General Secretary

After this communique was released, students have been very angry. This might even lead to a possible demonstration. Here are some student’s reactions:




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