Just In Case You Still Don’t Understand How Zylofon Cash Works, This Is All You Need To Know

You might have probably heard of Zylofon Cash and what it stands for.

However, you probably never really understood how it works and how you can benefit from it.

We hope this explainer on Zylofon Cash helps.

People mistake Zylofon Cash to be a form of mobile money but that is wrong.

This is a platform where you are able to upload your creative contents. Most people are very creative and want to access the business aspect of their creativity but they don’t have any idea about how to go about it.

This where Zylofon Cash comes into play.

When you log on to www.zylofoncash.com you can sign up for free.

This allows you to watch contents that subscribers have posted on the platform.

To be able to upload your contents on the platform, you need a Zylofon cash access card which has been reduced from 300 cedis to a whopping 100 cedis.

This access card enables you to upload up to 3 different contents on the platform. The amazing thing about this upload is that it is forever.

Is it a video you have taken of yourself doing what you do best?

Is it a very great image you wish to upload?

Or an audio you wish to upload?

Zylofon Cash pays you per view, per like or per listen depending on the content posted.

Unlike other similar platforms that pay you $2000 when you hit 1million views, Zylofon Cash pays you every week as and when you wish to cash out accumulated funds.

When Zylofon says your contents will be on the platform forever it means that when you cash out your accumulated funds, your dashboard resets and then you start accumulating funds again!

Amazingly, they pay you twice the amount other similar platforms pay when you hit a million views.

Zylofon Cash pays you 2 pesewas per like, per view or per listen. This means that when you decide to leave your contents to hit 1 million views, you earn 20,000 Ghana cedis which is equivalent to 4,000 US Dollars.

The URL or the link to your uploaded contents can be copied and shared on other social media platforms to inform others to go and view your contents.

Remember, there are lots of people already on the platform who will view as well. The only restrictions to content upload are plagiarism and nudity which is screened by a team of qualified personnel.

Zylofon Media as a company is interested in managing and grooming individuals with creative talents. They also look out for great talents uploaded on the platform and contact them to push them further.

You might be among the lucky ones to be contacted to be groomed and signed unto their record label.

Want to know more about Zylofon Cash?? Visit www.zylofoncash.com or call 0200746788

Zylofon Cash…Monetize your Creativity!

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