Legon: A Female Serial Thief Was Caught In Sarbah Hall Yesterday


On Friday, 22nd June, sometime after 12 noon, a thief was caught at Mensah Sarbah Main hall Block E which is the all-female block of the hall.

The thief, described as a fair young lady was seen by members of the hall locking the door to the room (Special Room) of a friend of theirs who  happens to be a National Service Person. As the sole occupant of a Special Room, no one has access to the keys but the occupant.

This is what made the friends of the NSS person suspicious. To confirm, they made enquiries at the Porter’s Lodge concerning the key and were told the key was definitely with the resident of the room.

The alleged thief was then asked how she got into the room and was asked to show them the key but she responded saying she had thrown it away.  Other residents in the hall saw and recognized the “thief” as a girl who frequents the hall, inviting members to the Apostolic church so there was no way she was a member of the hall.

She was then sent to the Chief Porter’s office, who later handed her over to the UG security after they found in her possession, a laptop and a number of phones.

She was also recognized by another student and fingered as the person who stole a roommate’s laptop sometime back in the Diaspora.

UG security sent the thief to the Legon Police station where the Policemen on duty immediately recognized her as they explained that she has been arrested countless times. The self acclaimed 17-year-old ‘thief’ claims to be a salesgirl at the Achimota mall and continued to deny stealing anything.

She told the police her name is Doreen Safo. However, a victim of her thievery said she goes by the name Jane.  No harm was inflicted on her as she was handed over to the police where she keeps denying all allegations against her.



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