GIJ: Students Lament After Information On Increased Academic Year Fees Was Leaked

It’s summertime and students are enjoying the summer break. It’s been barely 24 hours since the increment of fees was released unofficially to the student body, via social media.

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With this increment, students took to their various social media class pages to lament and pour out their grief on why the fees were increased. Students, however, received a communique from the Students Representative Council (SRC) through the General Secretary, Ms. Naa Adoley Moffatt explaining that the SRC is in talks with Management to reduce the fees. They also stated that the release of the fees was prior to a meeting scheduled for Friday.

The SRC statement is below:



🎯 From: The Kumadinkra Office


It is barely 24 hours after new fees of various levels were unofficially released on social media to students. This publication purports to highlight the new fees for a new academic year.

It is also with critical eyes and views that we read and observe the outrage from the students after the publications. We have been in talks with management before today and expressed similar and even stronger concerns about these concerns.

We wish to say emphatically that we agree with students that the concerns by students are legitimate considering the long calls from past administrations and student batches for a breakdown of our fees and possibly a reduction.

As a matter of urgency, the SRC wishes to bring to the attention of students some immediate efforts to ask for redress:

🎯 We count this publication unfortunate and premature because there was a scheduled meeting on Friday, 22nd July, 2018 where the SRC shall officially make its concerns known as far as considerations for an increment of fees is concerned.

For this reason,

  1. The SRC President has been to the Rector’s Office after this premature publication.
  2. The President registered the deep unhappiness of students and referenced a conversation he once had with the Rector about a possible increment in fees, indicating it may be harsh in these times and unfair to students.
  3. The Rector apologizes for the premature release of information prior to our scheduled meeting on Friday
  4. A meeting with management has been scheduled for Friday to discuss broadly a possible increase; the premature publication and more significantly the reactions from students and the SRC at large.

🎯 For now, the Executive body of the SRC wants to assure students of its commitment asking for calm and support to represent them fully on Friday.

The President has specially asked that we assure students of his determination to ensure students are treated fairly in all matters. We shall come to a reasonable compromise fighting together for our collective welfare.

We, therefore, humbly ask for calm with the assurance that we share in the pain, concerns and frustrations.

We, however, wish to access the available means to address this matter before a conclusive statement from the SRC is made and acted upon.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Naa Adoley Moffatt

GIJ-SRC General Secretary


Students, on the other hand, are pleading with the SRC to work with Management to resolve the increment of fees.


With the economic situation in the country the increment would affect students who strive to pay the previous fees and with the increment, it would be a hardship upon them.

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