Are You Ready For Genderless Fashion?

Have you guys heard of genderless fashion?

Genderless fashion is when both male and female can wear the same outfit that is not categorized as male or female, fashion with no limits and boundaries that can fit any gender. Whether it turns out to be just a trend or a profitable future for designers depends on consumers and how receptive they are to blurring the gender lines.

Fashion has always created movements and genderless fashion is that new movement.

In 2016 Zara launched an ungendered fashion collection that got torn apart by the internet, only because the models were all thin, white and the clothes were simply just oversized basics. Basics as in sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sweaters that are usually categorized as Menswear, it was nothing revolutionary, everybody already wears basics.

Image result for zara genderless clothing line

Then H&M got on board with their line of the genderless collection which was more revolutionary than the Zara line because it included a dress. Relax it’s nothing new, we live in a world where men were skirts, it gave us an idea of what a genderless clothing line should look and be like.

Image result for zara genderless clothing line

Image result for zara genderless clothing line


However high fashion designers are nailing the concept of the genderless fashion more clearly. Designers like Palomo Spain who is known for putting models of different genders in gowns and skirts and Gypsy Sport. Another designer who also designs genderless clothes that will have you asking “Is it male or female?”. To be honest whoever wants to wear it can wear it.


Palomo Spain


Gypsy Sports



The only mainstream designers that have also executed this concept well with a mixture of basic is no other than Fenty X Puma. The collection featured various models on the runway wearing platform shoes, jewelry, and pearl necklaces and chokers.

Image result for Puma X fenty runway 2016

Image result for Puma X fenty runway 2016

Image result for Puma X fenty runway 2016


When is all said and done, an ideal ungendered fashion is one that is fluid.

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