8 Types Of Interns You’d Meet In The Workplace

It’s the long vacation and most of us are trying to get that 10 years work experience through internships. We’ve had our personal share of internships and we know for a fact that at every workplace, you’d find a couple of interns with these basic traits. They’re all not bad tho, just get to know them because whether you like it or not, you’d be working together a lot for the next month or two!!

The I’m-taking-this-internship-thing personal

These are usually guys. They come to work before time in their nicely buttoned shirts, ironed so crisply it looks like the shirt is wearing the wearer and not the other way round if you get what I mean. Look, with these guys, it does not matter wether or not there is no strict code of dressing in the office. They will create their own and if you pay attention, you’d notice there’s already a roster to their shada. If there’s a colour code, trust that they’d follow it to the T. It’s not really hard to spot them. They’re the neatly dressed gentlemen holding up the Waakye line, buying Waakye for 8 different people every morning.

The Blended intern
These ones take the word networking to a whole new level. They know everyone and anyone in the office, customers and even employees in the other branches. They call everyone by their first names and even have special catchphrases or nicknames with the bosses. They always have the inside scoop on things that happen in every employee’s life and the company and most rarely do nothing but chat with everyone. As a new intern, you may see the blended intern as one of the employees because they hardly ever get work assigned to interns. If they do, they are the boss of you.

Observe them dear, they’re the smart ones cos they hardly ever buy their own lunch or go home without a ride.

The untouchable intern

You know how you’re always busy doing so much work but for some reason, this particular intern hardly ever does anything in the office. If you voice out any complaint, you’re quickly hushed. That’s because that is the untouchable intern. They are usually the daughter or son of the CEO’s sister’s best friend and was brought in by the boss themselves. Every employee knows not to touch these ones and are usually careful not to say anything negative around them. You’d see them in corners, pressing their phones and talking only when the boss comes around.

The WiFi monger
The only reason this one comes to work every day is because of the WiFi. You may think he’s hardworking because he always stays so late and comes to work very early…Ha!! Go closer, torrent sites are crying cos he’s downloading all the series and movies he can find. You better give him your pen drive every Friday; he’s got your favourite series and it’s up to date!!

The Intern intern
They’re always on time, doing the right thing, never joining in any fun or extra gossip. They came to work and work they shall!!! They rarely make any friend and take everything super serious! You want to chat with them about school life and swap Uni stories? When there’s work to do?? Ha! Forget it!!

The Terminator

These ones take the internship game very seriously. They suck up to the bosses and learn everything they need to learn plus extra!!!! No, they aren’t just being hardworking, they are here to leave a mark cos they’re thinking about their employment future. They have a whole plan mapped out: conquer internship, get called for NSS then be employed. If interns are given a complex task that’s left you all lost, trust that he’d go behind your backs and provide solutions before the deadline and to the person in charge that will leave your ‘lazy incompetent’ selves shocked. Never consider these ones as your friend. They are strong competitors, here with a mission and will snitch, lie and do everything they can to knock all of you out and keep their name etched in the memory of the organization…

The Ghost intern
All interns probably started work on the same day for some sort of orientation. You all smiled shyly at each other and introduced yourselves but… 4 days later, Kwesi or is it Nana Kwame no longer comes to work. Come to think of it, he came to work for just that one day and some way somehow, no one knows where he is or why he’s stopped coming. Actually, not everyone remembers who exactly he is… dark? Short? Kojo? Afia? Who’s that? Are you sure?

Wreck-it Ralph
No one wants these ones working with them because all they do is destroy things and mess tasks up!

“Who was supposed to send those files?”

“How did the photocopier get spoilt?”

“Ah where’s the food I asked for? It’s been 30 minutes!”

“Wait…did you understand what I said?”

You almost feel sad for them right? Always being yelled at for messing up one thing or the other…

You’ve probably found which one you are by now and you’ve identified where your co-interns fall under too. It’s all good tho, internships can be fun so don’t forget to make friends with your co-interns cos wether you like it or not, there’s always an intern squad and you’d be better off in it!!!

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