5 Fashion Hacks To Improve Your Man’s Wardrobe

Let us be honest, who doesn’t love a quick fix? We are human, we all love an easy way to do things, so why not find simple ways to make your wardrobe and fashion lifestyle easier.

As a guy, what style hacks can you use to improve your outfit or wardrobe?

well first of…

Get yourself a tailor!!

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You may be thinking… What? that is it?  Yes, this is it, if you knew that you wouldn’t be reading this… right?

Having a personal tailor will help improve your overall style especially if you buy your clothes “off the rack” from a retailer or designer, 9 out of 10 of those clothes will not fit you perfectly, that is where having a tailor is a necessity


Use Olive oil to polish your shoes

Relax this is not a permanent fixture, this hack is just for a quick needed polish before you walk out the door, keeping your dress shoes polished is something that is important to finish off  your look, you can have the best-dressed shoes known to mankind but bruv if they are dirty and unpolished, you are better off walking barefoot. You can invest in a polish kit, or make your regular visits, BUT olive oil is just a quick easy treat; use a cloth and dab it in the oil and clean the leather part of your shoe with it.

olive oil shoes


Use Instagram for Style inspiration

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You may think only females have those “I don’t even know what to wear moments”, but that is not the case, guys just rarely admit to it. Majority of the time you may even have a lot of options to choose from but you just lack the inspiration, if this is your case head to Instagram and follow some dope fashion bloggers and draw inspiration from them to fit your unique style.


No Socks, wear no-show socks

Most people choose to not wear socks, we are guessing they think we like to see their gorgeous ankles, you will be surprised at how many people rather not wear socks which is a stinking disaster, not only is it uncomfortable your feet will stink. The no-show socks will still give you the “no socks” look and comfortable


Use hot shower to remove your wrinkles from your shirt 

This hack is perfect for when travelling, how many us neatly pack our suitcases and when you get to your destination to unpack your clothes they are somehow wrinkled, annoying right !! .. so hang your shirt in the shower while the hot water runs and let the steam do the work for you!!.

Which one of these hacks are you trying out tonite?

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