Have You Read “The Poetic Yesu” A Poem By Poet Dela?

These days reading isn’t really a habit most youngins would like to adapt.

Even with the emergence of e-books, our youths would still prefer to download albums to bump to or tweet all day with their bundles, rather than download free anthologies or novels online.

From oblivion comes a poet who goes by the name Kpatakpa Alphonse Delali. The young Ghanaian writer is also known with the pseudonym Poetic Yesu, which the latter meaning Jesus (saviour).

Poetic Yesu

This young prolific poet has written a catalog of poems which has been embraced by a large portion of the Ghanaian community.

One of his latest pieces dubbed ”The Poetic Yesu” is a poem all eyes must feed on.

The Poetic Yesu

The poem is about a young writer/poet who finds himself in world where Art isn’t really appreciated. He expressed this in this part of the poem “……It’s like I’m in an arena
A boxing arena to be precise
where cheers sound like thunder
Punches, hard like the truth
Strength, my determination
and pain my defeat”

Aside that, looks like The Poetic Yesu is unhappy with the attitude of some poets/writer towards the act and threw some shots at some of them. Though he didn’t mention their names, but he sure did well to use their various pseudonym’s. “……They claim to be Postmen
yet they do not possess the people’s
addresses to preach the gospel
The gospel of the second coming
the coming of the Messiah
The one to resurrect poetry
from the tomb”

Sounds interesting right?

Well, that’s how interesting the art is.

Read the full piece here.

Enjoy the read!

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