5 Easy Ways To Rock A Hijab This Weekend

Hey there!

First of all, if you do not have any Muslim friends, then we advise you to shamelessly take a walk through Nima or Fadama and grab some paddy faaassst because well, it’s the spiced meat season and you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried their meat!!! That meat is Craaaazzyyy!!

That aside, our Muslim sisters…we know you’d want to look your best this season cos after all the fasting, you have to show that you’ve really overcome right? And nothing looks better with a dress sewn with a seamstress or tailor’s sweat than one that is topped with a beautiful hijab crown.

If you aren’t a Muslim too but you want to use takashi to get some of that meat…you can learn from this too.

We present to you 5 ways to slay the Hijab this holiday season!!

There you go Kuulpeeps!!! Happy Eid-ul-Fitr and Make sure you eat plenty of meat and stay safe!!!

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