With A Combination Of The Past And Future, Sollo7 Plans To Take Over The Music Industry With Neo Highlife


Most people like to settle in for what is the current norm or a trend of a particular lifestyle so they might feel accepted for what everyone else is doing.

You find just very few people who want to go out of the status quo and be very different.

These people bring out their uniqueness by infusing different regularities to make a unique irregularity which gives them an identity of their own.


The story is no different with Solomon Narh whose stage name is Sollo7. Sollo is from his name Solomon obviously and also represents the fact that he is a Solo artist. 7 which stands for perfection or completion happens to be his favourite number hence the name Sollo7.

Unlike everyone else, Sollo7’s genre of music is an alternative form of Highlife. He calls his genre “Neo-Highlife”

Neo-Highlife is basically an alternative form of Highlife as re-imagined for the 21st century inspired by Highlife from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

He refers to it as Highlife of the future with elements from the past.


He looks up to God for everything and draws musical inspiration from ET Mensah, the Ramblers, Pat Thomas, Stromae, Harry Belafonte and Richard Bona.

In an industry where just a few people make it to the top and stay there, what Sollo7 seeks to do differently is to put his best music, make the right business decisions with his management and leave the rest to God.

Take a look at his latest single ‘Say I Do’:

We love him already…

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