Why The Comparison Of Jordan And Lebron Is Pointless

In any sporting franchise, it’s typical to see pundits comparing a superstar of this generation to the superstar of the last generation.

They make the past superstar a bar that the current one has to surpass and this ends up putting unnecessary pressure on the new guy.

Sure, Michael Jordan, Maradonna, Tupac, B.I.G etc all did extraordinary things in their time but let’s be frank here, it‘s useless comparing Lebron James, Messi, Kendrick Lamar or J Cole to them. Why? Because times change!

It was easier to be a star in the 90s than now. There was no one to match up with, there were few pundits to scrutinize your everyday life, no pressure from sponsoring brands, in other words, there was little to no competition.

But now, times have changed. It‘s easier to be a star now, but harder to maintain it. Everyone wants to break a record, people are now more cutthroat and desperate than before. People are hungrier and angrier than in the past, and the pundits, the fans, the sponsors will never let you rest!

Every trophy, every medal, becomes a topic of discussion, an object of comparison to the person who made it first.
The point is, these are different eras. We’re never going to know if Michael Jordan will survive in the current NBA, and there’s no need to care. Jordan did his best in his time, so let Lebron do his best at this time. We don’t need to troll them. We have to stop comparing the past to the present. It’s never going to work! There’s no such thing as a G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) because there would always be someone to smash that record.

Maybe instead of comparisons, we can rather encourage these guys to work harder. Or you say hort??

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