4 Reasons Why The UG French Club Is The Most Popular Departmental Association On Campus

So it’s quite obvious that the University of Ghana French club was the most popular departmental association in the just ended academic year..

And the widely anticipated UG SRC Excellence Awards 2018 just proved it right, but what’s with all the hype? Well here’s why..

Since French started being taught in the University of Ghana in 1950, there has been various innovative ways for the department to expand its outreach. The creation of the UG French club was one of them. So what makes 2017/18 different?

How did the UG French Club become the most popular rising star of student associations in Ghana in the space of 8 months?

Well, here’s why.

1. The rebranding:

Raise your hand if you ever heard of the UG French club until the just ended academic year. You never did right? From an awesome new logo to cool new projects like the weekly French movie show to partnerships with iSupreme, the Brown Berry Show (Yfm) and of course Kuulpeeps, the French club got the attention of students in and beyond UG.

2. The Ghana High School French Tour:

Yes, the Club went on a insightful tour of high schools to propagate the French gospel to students. The project didn’t get locked up in Ghana, nope, The president of the UG French club, Gilles Ametepe got an interview with Radio France Internationale (the BBC of France) just to talk about that.

3. The new media strategy :

Not less than 10 online articles were published about the Club since October 2017. Kuulpeeps, Quasimool, Pulse, Myjoyonline just to name a few, all wrote about the UG French Club. And if there is an association that made a terrific use of Whatsapp this year, then it’s the UG French Club. All communiques were in French and English (elite things) and the artworks of the Club were simply first class.

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4. The Gilles Ametepe factor:

Obviously the most popular bilingual student in UG, celebrated for being the brain behind the transformation of the Club, Gilles Ametepe (UG French President 2017/2018) was the initiator of the Club’s rebranding and cool projects that boosted the fame of the French Club. He is a known name and face in Legon politics, serving as the Student Representative on the College of Humanities Advisory Board and Speaker of Jean Nelson Hall Parliament among others. No wonder he got nominated as president of the year at the National Students Awards 2017, and ranks as part of the top 8 Most Influential Students in Legon. He is just a fine kuulpeep and gosh, he speaks French and he is single. Ladies, no need to say much.

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So, from a “one of those” associations in Legon to winning second place at the ‘who says we are not creative? ” contest by the UG Careers and Counseling Center to winning UG School of Languages Association of the year and now the Departmental Association of the year at the UG SRC awards 2018; this ‘small’ club has shown what it’s like to make it big in a short span of time.

We all got to learn something from Gilles Ametepe and his French Kuulpeeps.

Bigups to the UG French club. Check out their IG: @ugfrenchclub


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