#Number12: Too Much Greed In One Man

Hey Kuulpeeps, by now you know about all the greed and corrupt authorities we have in our system. But this one man’s greediness is one backed by smart moves.

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Meet Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi ( President of the Ghana Football Association) whose name is the centre of the Anas expose.

Through his greed, he decided to make smart avenues to cover his tracks.  One section of the expose has the GFA president explaining how he can help a potential investor gain favour from the president and some high ranking government officials including the controversial Kennedy Agyapong.

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He moved from being GFA President to a crooked Politician. With this being said Mr Nyantakyi and the Northern Regional FA President, Mr Abdulai Alhassan were caught soliciting $15million dollars from the potential investor.

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To cover his track, he told the investor he had a savings and loans company that could be used to launder the bribe money into the country.

The greed of Mr Nyantakyi led him to take an amount of $65,000 Dollars from the investor in the investor’s hotel room.

Being the smart one he came out to make an announcement during the 3-day stakeholders meeting in Cape Coast in the Central Region, claiming all whistle-blowers should come and report any fraudulent act backed with hardcore evidence.

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One shocking revelation was when he stated that he was planning to enter into politics in the next two years, meaning from draining the GFA coffers to sucking the National coffers dry.

One point in the expose, he agreed with the investor on $12 million Dollars, backing it with the NYANTAKYI FORMULA “5+3=8+2( for the Road Minister) =10 +1( for Anthony Karbo) and 1 ( for me i.e Nyantakyi and his boy)=$12 million. 

For emphasis, this equation was repeated four(4) times. He allegedly said the breakdown was done by Karbo. But after some consideration from the hotel room to the elevator to the lobby into the car, Mr Nyantakyi shot the figure up to $15million claiming what he was doing wasn’t easy and that other ministers who were initially considered must be sorted too.

He even stated that if the investor is ready he would get some officials to back the agenda. He also stated in the expose that if they want to succeed they would have to include Mr. Kennedy Agyapong and his small boy Mr Karbo.

He also stated that Mr Agyapong was one of the many financiers of the NPP 2016 election campaign and claiming he (Mr. Agyapong has influence and that a ministry (Ministry of Transport) was created for Mr. Kennedy Agyapong but due to his indiscipline he couldn’t run the office. Hence, he gave it to his small boy Mr Ofori Asiamah.

The greed of Nyantakyi goes to its peak when he stated he would stick out his neck if he has to, just to get the projects for the investor. Such greed in one man. We can’t wait to see the further actions the government would take concerning this greed.

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