#IAmAnas: Get To Know The Meaning Of #Number12

Ever wondered why Anas chose the title #Number12 for his latest expose?

Well think no more, because we are here to do what we do best, that’s to inform y’all Kuulpeeps.

Put your thinking caps on, because we are going to solve some maths.

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Apparently, the month the ace journalist Anas Amereyaw Anas chose the 6th month of the year and also chose the 6th day of the month which happens to be today.

So 6+6=12 which is the title of the investigative film #Number12.

Also, there are 11 players in every football game, the number 12 signifies the 12th player on the pitch who happens to be the bad guy.

#Number12 happens to also be the 12th investigative work by the ace journalist.

A lot of symbolism there…

You need to watch Number 12.

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