Here Is Why The GFA Owes Anas GHS 20,000 After He Exposed Corruption In Local Football

Kwesi Nyantakyi, Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Karma is just a bitch.

Damn sh*t is going to go down.

In a statement today, after the premiere of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 documentary, the Ghana Football Association asked Anas to furnish them with a copy of his report to enable them to mount their own investigation into the endemic bribery in the local football league.

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This comes despite reports that Anas has already filed a case against Kwesi Nyantakyi at FIFA.

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Now, get this… the moment Anas hands over the evidence he has gathered on corruption in local football to the GFA, the association will owe him GHS 20,000.


Blame it on karma and the GFA’s need to please and put on a pretentious character that acts like it’s fighting corruption.

Before the end of last year, the local league had been hit with several bribery scandals and allegations made towards officials and players alike with some prominent club officials like AshGold chairman Cudjoe Fianoo opening up about being approached by match-fixing syndicates during last season’s campaign.

They could have been Anas’ crew… we can’t confirm that though.

However, in their attempt to put up a ‘facade’ to show that they are stamping out corruption in any from football, the GFA offered GHS 20,000 to anyone who provides concrete information on incidences of corruption.

Ironically, well now at least it is ironic, the GHS 20,000 whistleblower reward money was announced by none other than Kwesi Nyantakyi.

Just in case you’re confused, he is the same man in the Anas video who gleefully bagged $65,000 from an investor whom he was helping to pay millions of dollars in bribe money to government officials in hopes of getting government contracts.

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“When people give bribe, it is both the giver and the receiver who are involved, and until one exposes the other it is very difficult to catch them in the act,”  Kwesi Nyantakyi said in November last year when he made the GHS 20,000 announcement.

Well, Anas just told you… how about that…

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“If a referee is approached by a club official, we are encouraging them to report the club official. We are proposing a GH¢ 20,000 reward for anyone who comes forward to report any case of bribery with evidence so we know it is credible,” Nyantakyi also said.

Judging from the video and the dozens of referees who were bribed… well… we will end here.

But here is a funny thought, if Nyantakyi goes to prison, then he would be paying GHS 20,000 to the man who helped put him behind bars.

Karma ain’t nice… at all

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