9 Presentation Outfit Fails That’s Still Making Us Cringe

Final year stu…ermm sorry Graduates!!! So you’re done with exams, some are at home, some are still in school finishing up projects but hey do you remember when you had all those presentations last semester? The effort you and members of your group took to look fresh and clean just to impress?

Well, some of you looked great! But some too…

Here we go…

1. Suspenders and long tie: This is a no-no. even worse is using a belt along with the suspenders (guy, they serve the same purpose of holding up your trousers!). For your interview please know it’s suspenders and a bow tie or a long tie and belt.

2. Jump up trousers showing much of your white socks: Please who are you trying to be, MJ? Just add the sparkly gloves, the hat and moonwalk onto the stage so we know who exactly you are. If your trousers are a little high up and you’re wearing a white shirt, please use dark or coloured socks. This doesn’t mean you should come without socks though, they are important.

3. Rumpled shirt tucked into ironed trousers: Up and down should always match; this is a fashion rule. Next time please come totally rumpled so we know you were not prepared or do us a favor and iron.

4. Big shirts tucked into tight trousers: The worst is when you sag the trousers a little; it forms a little puff in front and boom, you have a pregnant looking man. Your trousers should be a little loose (not palazzo though guys) if your shirt is very big.

5. Smartly dressed with overgrown beards: Osama bin Laden is that you? Even if you don’t want to cut your beards because its only for a day do you know you can comb them and temporarily slick it back with gel? You can also just trim it and have faith it would grow again.

6. Cream shirt in a group wearing white: We know the shirt is supposed to be cream but when you stand with your group members wearing white it just looks like your white shirt is dirty. If you all don’t have white how about agreeing on two colours (white and blue maybe).

7. Red and white: No offense but wakanda spiritual colours are these? What happened to black and white? Blue and white? Grey? Anything else!!!

8. Embellished suits: LOL, it’s just presentation captain, no need to be so extra unless you’re going somewhere else afterwards like flight school/ a ‘super holy show’. Keep the blings on your suit in the closet!

9. Colour blocking: Bold print skirt, bold print inner t-shirt and a two-tone jacket? But why the explosion of colours? Your fashion sense is recognised but not suitable for the occasion.

Simplicity is key. Even though you’re a fashionista and can shadda for Ghana, just be low key and let the brilliance of your presentation speak for you.

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