You Can Buy Spider-Man’s Ashes From Infinity War Online


This may be too much love but everyone has their way of grieving the dead. Some may just accept but others need something to hold on too.

Marvels first created spiderman in 1962. The first Spider-Man series was in 2002(Spider-Man), then 2004(Spider-Man-2), 2007(Spider-Man-3), 2012 (The Amazing Spider-Man), 2014 (The Amazing Spider-Man-2), 2017(Spider-Man Homecoming) and finally in 2018 he turns to ashes in Marvel’s Infinity War Movie.

It seems someone has found a way to mourn him, you can order from Komic Taktops online shop for less than $7 USD unless you have to order to Ghana and you have to pay for shipping cost.

If you manage to get yourself one the rule is “Do not snort. Heroes do not do drugs”.

Of course, that would be cannibalism.

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