Shatta Wale: Is This South African The New Queen Of The Shatta Movement?

Shatta Wale, October

This tea is hot but we have no choice but to serve it.

You can also choose to spill it for others if you want.

We have been here and witnessed Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy break up, makeup, and break up again.

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For the last break up that seems to have ended violently with an allegation that Shatta Wale put his hands on Shatta Michy and she too drawing a knife on Shatta Wale, might have ended things for good.

Shatta Michy seemed to have moved on… changing her Instagram bio to highlight her newly found independence from oppression.

Shatta Wale, October

The Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale have also unfollowed each other on Instagram, which in our time effectively means “we are done”.

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With Shatta Michy enjoying her independence, Shatta Wale might have gone fishing and found a new bae for himself.

Rumour has it that this South African who uses thee_October on Instagram is Shatta Wale’s new bae.

Shatta Wale has been to South Africa to shoot his music video and probably cultivate some love on the sidelines.

This beautiful girl has been dropping hints on her Snapchat account.

We see her cuddling with a man with similar tattoos like Shatta Wale, plus the SM For Life T-Shirt also got a feature.

She is also following only Shatta Wale on Instagram… yeah, and he is following her back.

Shatta Wale, October

Check out the video below:

Is this South African the new queen of Shatta Movement?

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Shatta Movement fans should get ready to welcome their new Queen.

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