Only A True Mawuli Student Would Pass This Quiz

Mawuli School entrance

Who chose 'Mawuli' as the name of the school?

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The name of the school ‘Mawuli’ and the motto Head Hand and Heart were chosen by the students.

What does the 'hand' in the Mawuli school crest stand for?

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The 'Hand' in the crest stands for Self Sufficiency

How many boarding houses does the school currently have?

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How many pupils did the school start with?

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The school started with 35 students

On what date did the school first open?

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The school opened on the 31st of January 1950.

Mawuli School was the second senior high school to be established in the Trans-Volta Togoland.

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It was actually the first senior high school to be established in the Trans-Volta Togoland

Which church founded the Mawuli School?

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What is the name of the first Mawuli headmaster?

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The first headmaster of Mawuli School was called Prof. Walter P Trost.

What's the tagline of the school?

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Which of these people isn't an old student of Mawuli School

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Mawuli School
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