Meet The Current Head Prefects Of Mawuli School

Mawuli School prefects

As part of our High School of the Month feature, we decided to have a little chat with the current school prefects of Mawuli School.

They are:

Chief Officer

Bobbie Ishmael

Assistant Chief Officer

Godwin Owusu

Girl’s Prefect

Mary Owusu

Assistant Girl’s Prefect

Francisca Nwankwo

Mawuli School Prefects
From left to right Mary Owusu, Bobbie Ishmael, Francisca Nwankwo and Godwin Owusu

Kuulpeeps: If you guys were to come back to Mawuli after graduating, where’s the first place you’d go to

Mawuli: The halls. We’ll definitely go to our halls. We will also go the school library.

Kuulpeeps: What’s it about your halls that you love that much.

Mawuli: Everything. The halls are like our second homes. We have all the fun in our halls.

Kuulpeeps: What are some of the unforgettable moments you’ve experienced during your time in the school?

Mawuli: There are a lot of unforgettable moments we have experienced here, but we can’t forget that time when our assistant messing prefect (dining hall prefect) came into the dining hall and said a long prayer before we ate. Everyone was so surprised he could even say a prayer and it was so funny.

Kuulpeeps: As prefects, what is your relationship with the headmaster like?

Mawuli: First of all, he is a very nice person. He’s an approachable person and our relationship with him is great.

Kuulpeeps: Do you like punishing your juniors?

Mawuli: Not really, but we just do it once in a while when we have to.

Kuulpeeps: What would you miss about Mawuli School, when you guys leave?

Mawuli: We would miss the teachers, the school library and also the Senior House Father. We would also miss Saturday morning movies and entertainment.

Kuulpeeps: Thanks for talking with us… We wish you all the best.

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