Ghana’s Shifa Fails To Progress To The Next Stage Of The US Scripps National Spelling Bee Competition

Shifa Amankwa-Gabbey, Spelling Bee

Agenda Ghana to the world link up is still on cause despite the recent hurdle.

Kuulpeep, Shifa Amankwa-Gabbey who is representing Ghana in the Spelling Bee competition ongoing in the United States of America has been evicted from the competition.

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She progressed through the first stage, but her inability to correctly spell the world, vicennial meant she could not go on to compete for the championship position of the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

Vicennial is used to describe something that happens once every 20 years or something that exists or lasts for 20 years. It’s in the same grammatic line with words such as decade and century.

We are proud of you Shifa…

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