Read This And Find Out Why Your Period Is Late


Periods Ugh!! what a love and hate relationship we have with our Menstruales.

It’s like we hate it and we never want to see it again, but sis if you are coming we would like to know when it is that you’re coming; because there are times when sis disappears and gets weird on you so you start panicking.

So now the question on your mind is Where is my period ?!!

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Now we are giving you a few possible reasons why your period is late, missing, early or all the weird emotions your period may be putting you through…

Are you sure you are not pregnant?

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Clearly, this should be the first thing that comes to mind, even if you are super careful unless of course, you are not having sex but in case you are, you should definitely visit a doctor because most pregnancies are unplanned.

Maybe you are stressed.

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Things like stress, anxiety, moving and travelling can throw of your pituitary gland and your ovaries and when that happens your period gets affected as well, however, stress will NOT affect your period if you are taking hormonal birth control pills; because those contraceptives are meant to regulate your period.

Did you recently start, stop or change birth control?

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Birth control can definitely mess with your period but it’s usually in a good way. For most people, it can make it lighter if you are on a low dose pill or IUD.  So if your period is slowly disappearing you can celebrate no need to panic.

It can be your Thyroid

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Thyroid condition is a common cause of irregular periods; hyperthyroidism usually causes lighter periods or none at all.

Or any other Chronic diseases

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Polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis are conditions that definitely affect your period making them heavier, longer, or irregular. Pretty much any illness or condition or surgery can throw off your ovulation which results in messing up your period.

Or Who the HELL knows!!…

It is always best to go see a doctor when in doubt.

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