KOD Is Making Lemonade Out Of His Own Lemons

kod all over the place

Less than a week ago, KOD decided to do the town criers job and announced the wedding of John Dumelo on social media.

Initially, the rumour of John Dumelo’s marriage created so much buzz on social media, some even thought it was just a role in a movie until KOD came out with his confirmation through a social media post.

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His post, however, didn’t turn out the way he might have planned, because his utterances didn’t go down well with some people and left a sour taste in his mouth with their reaction.

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This might probably be the reason he was missing at the marriage ceremony last Saturday.

Fast forward to last night, we are sure the meaning of the quote When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade made a lot of sense to KOD, as he decided to make some lemonade of his own.

All Over The Place T-shirts, made by yours truly are currently available at pretty affordable prices we are sure..lol

The caption of his announcement post, however, is what we are a bit confused about.

“YOU ASKED FOR IT… you’re getting it”????

Who exactly asked for it? You, as in who??? Could he be referring to a certain someone? Lmao, we are so here for all this.

Well, whoever that was meant for, he just put some sunshine on a rainy day he caused himself and it will be all rainbows for him at the end of the day.

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